There comes a time in life when you realize that life has officially begun – when you’re no longer bound by obligations, when you’re free to run and make choices, when you have complete freedom and believe the future is in your own hands. It is the time when you’ve fully become a grown independent adult, yet, you’re still young enough that you don’t have the responsibility of raising a family or children of your own.

There are so many things that you want to do and complete before you reach the next stage of your life. And even though you might not have the complete freedom with both time and money, you feel like taking risks and living life to the fullest is what you should do at this point in time. Or else, you might end up with regrets for years to come.

Isn’t the time between the age of 26 to 32 the perfect time to start fulfilling our dreams and ticking off our bucketlist? We are financially independent enough that we no longer struggle to pay bills or rely on our parents for help. We have explored the real world for quite a few years now, learning about people, life, and understanding what life actually is. Now is the perfect time to get out there and complete these things we’ve always dreamed of doing.

1. Travel the world

Traveling gets to the best of us. Once we get out of our shell, we just want to see more.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”

– St. Augustine

Traveling might cost a lot. But one needs to decide whether they want to trade the financial opportunity for the real-world experience. While money comes and goes, experiences stay with us for the rest of our lives. While career opportunities seem important, you cannot turn back time. If traveling the world is something you’ve always wanted to do, holding it off will only make you regret later on in life that you didn’t fulfill this dream of yours when you were younger.

It’s also worth taking note that at different points in your life that you travel, your experience will be different. Your travel experience as a kid is different to your travel experience as a teenager. Your travel experience as a teenager is different to your travel experience as an adult or a parent. Our perspective and understanding of life change over time. It’s actually interesting to observe the change that happens in ourselves. Each time you go back to the same holiday destination at different points in your life, you will feel slightly different – you will get a different perspective – whether that’s a good thing or not.

For me, I have always dreamed of moving away from home. Since when I was in secondary school, I always searched for opportunities to study abroad and eventually live overseas. My first real travel experience alone was when I was 17. I went to Switzerland hoping to finish my last year of high school there and go to college. However, things got disrupted due to some personal issues. But I was still determined and my dream finally came true when I managed to convince my father to send me to Australia for college. That….was the start of it. I have never thought I’d have gone this far and would still be overseas but where there’s a will, there’s a way. To satisfy my life’s needs to never stay still in one’s place and to have the freedom in my hands to do whatever I want whenever I want, I created an online store. This is actually my dreams come true.


2. Try as many career change as you can


3. Quit your vices.

4. Change your habits.  Eat healthy and exercise.

5. Read

Mo Seetubtim

Mo Seetubtim

Founder of The Happiness Planner